Coral Acclimation

Plan ahead when you order corals have the space available on the bottom where you will acclimate them to your lights

know that it can be a rough trip being shipped, even when corals are packed with care, corals like the Montipora's are fragile and can break easily.

or some sps corals can break off of the base. 

have available a small bottle of Cyanocrylate gel glue (crazyglue gel is fine) available just incase anything needs to be glued back together


Acclimate for Temperature and water chemistry

       a.  turn off lights and float bag's (If you had any broken corals Float them in a Tupperware container)  for 10-20 minutes for temp

       b.   open bag and pour down drain 1/3 of water from bag and refill with tank water  then wait 10 minutes

       c.    repeat step b.  a second time

       d.   place coral on the bottom of the tank for the first light cycle before placing the coral in desired placement in the tank to acclimate for light

Acclimate for lighting 

     Give the corals 2 full days at the bottom of your tank before moving them to the final placement allowing them to adjust to the lighting 

     If the corals loose color than can be a normal and the color usually returns in a week or 2

    If the corals turns white or begins to lighten (Bleaching) move the coral away from the light. 

    If the coral turns brown or begins to darken (Brown out) move the coral closer to the light.



if you have any questions ask early