Reef-Care Aquaculture

Reef Care uses a network of reef-tanks 

we currently sell mounted and unmounted fresh coral frags.

Frags are fresh cutting of a coral which can be divided and each new piece can grow into a new coral colony.

Reef Care has 3 very knowledgeable experts that have many years experience in making frags into wonderful small colony's. 

We currently aquaculture over 100 different species and color morph's of beautiful corals.

All Leasing Customer Reef Tanks become part of the aquaculture network.

Just like in a garden a coral reef tanks need to be manicured for health and to maintain size

Trimmed or fraged corals become available for sale after they have healed and attached. 

For mounting unmounted soft corals we recommend rubber banding down the fresh cutting.  

For Mounting unmounted sps or hard corals we recommend gluing the freshly cut portion down with CYANOCRYLATE thick hobby glue.

we use live rock for  rocks and aquaculture plugs for mounting sps corals

Questions or comments are always welcome 



 Green Polyp Montipora Capricornous        

 Green Montipora Capricornous

 Purple Montipora Capriconous

 Orange Montipora Capricornous

 Blue Polyp Green Montipora Capricornous

 Purple Rim Green Montipora Capricornous

 bright yellow Turbinaria scroll coral

  Purple Montipora Digitata

 Blue Polyp Montipora Digitata

 Tan Montipora Digitata

 Orange w/ White Tip Montipora Digitata

 Orange w/ Pink Tip Montipora Digitata

 Bright Light Green Montipora Digitata

 Dark Green Montipora Digitata

 Yellow Montipora Digitata

 Yellow Porites

 Tan/Gold Seriatapora Hysix

 Pink w/ Purple Polyps Seriatapora Hysix

 Pink w/ Yellow Tips Seriatapora Hysix

 Acropora Hummilis Blue

 Acropora Hummilis Purple

 Acropora Hummilis Light Blue w/ Green Polyps

 Montipora Stella w/ Green Polyp

 Acropora Yungi Green

 Acropora Stag thin branch Green

 Acropora Stag Purple

 Acropora Stag Green Polyps w/  Blue Tips

 Acropora thin branch Purple

 Acropora table tan with blue tips

 Acropora table Green w/ Blue tips

 Acropora table Pink w/ Blue tips

 Acropora table Teal Green w/ Red highlights

 Acropora thin branch with blue tips

 Acropora Stag Purple #2

 Acropora lovelli Purple

 Acropora Hummilis Bright Green

 Acropora Hummilis Green w/ Red Skin

 Acropora millepora Blue

 Acropora millepora Yellow

Acropora millepora Green

 Acropora Millepora Pink w/ Yellow Tips

 Acropora Millepora Red

 Acropora Albrohensis teal

 Acropora tricolor Bright yellow tip

 Acropora Tricolor super purple tips

 Acropora Tricolor Nana #1 yellow skin with purple tips  

 Acropora Tricolor Nana #2 yellow skin with purple tip and green polyps

 Acropora Tunuis Light Green w/ Blue Tips

 Acropora SP. thick pink/purple color

 Acropora SP. Light blue/pink with dark blue polyps


 Acropora SP. Deepwater green

 Acropra SP stag bright blue tips

 Acropora SP Purple tips table?

 Acropora SP purple tip

 Pocillapora Green

 Stylophora Green

 Heliaphora Encrusting Blue Polyp

 Acropora SP. Yellow tip

 Acropora SP. Bright Green w/ Pink tips

 Acropora SP. Effloensis

 Acropora Enchinada Blue

 Acropora Loripes Deep water Purple/ Blue

 Montipora Elkhorn Tan

 Acropora SP. Thick Branch Green with Blue Tips

 Acropora SP. Thick Branch Bright Green

 Acropra SP. Green looks like millepora

 Acropora SP. Brown with  blue/ green tips

 Leather Toadstool Long polyp

 Leather Toadstool Gold Polyp

 Leather Cladella Fuzzy Finger Leather

 Leather Colt

 Leather Colt Bright Green

 Ricordia Orange w/ green mouth

 Ricordia Orange w/ Blue Center\

 Ricordia Purple

 Zoanthids Blue/Green w/ Brown Skirt

 Zoanthids Green w/ Green Skirt

 Zoanthids Orange Center w/ Yellow Skirt

 Zoanthids Brown

 Palythoa Green

 Palythoa Yellow

 Zoanthids misc 

 Zoanthids Misc #2

 Frogspawn Branching with Purple Tips

 Frogspwan Branching with Green Tips

 Torch Coral Branching w/ Green tips

 Xenia Brown

 Mushrooms Red

 Mushrooms Brown

 Mushrooms Green Spotted

 Pipeorgan Bright Green Polyps with Dark Purple Skin

 Green Star Polyps Branching

 Green Star Polyps encrusting

 Heliophora Encrusting Tan

 Green Eyed Cup Coral

 Rugosa Elephant Skin Coral Brown w/ Green Highlights

And the list can go on

These are corals which can be requested