Reef-Care Filtration

Reef care use's 2 types of filtration 

For Fish only aquariums......  A wet-dry filter is used.

     A wet-dry filter is a sump that has mechanical filtration a large biological filter "bio-balls" and a protein skimmer

     This type of filter uses mechanical filter pads to remove floating particles, Bio balls balls to absorb ammonia and nitrites and a protein skimmer to remove dissolved organics. 


For Reef Aquariums...... A Berlin style natural filter is used.

       A simple sump is used with an over sized protein skimmer, high water flow, intense lighting, and no mechanical filtration.

      This type of filter allows the living corals to feed on the floating particles, corals absorb ammonia & nitrites 

     Quality live rock and a live sand bed absorbs nitrates

      The over sized protein skimmer allows for the lowest nutrients and limiting negative algae growth.

      The high water flow allows the corals to feed on more particulate and limit dead spots in the aquarium.

      The intense lighting allows for improved coral growth and beneficial algae.