Green Polyp Montipora Capricorous,

this is a very rare and sought after coral that aquacultueres. Only a few frags have been sold

if you do not see any available this coral can be requested to be available for sale


 This picture represents a frag that was sold in the past to give an idea of the size of the frag

these frags of this coral are usually about 1 inch in size and take almost 2 months to heal

so if this is a rare coral that you want to add you need to plan now.


This picture represents what a larger colony would look like. it can take over a year a frag of 1 inch to grow into a 2-4 inch colony it grows like a plat but not as scrolling or swirling as other montipora capricornous corals grow

 Lighting needs : Strong

Flow Needs: Medium to high