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  Reef-care corals for sale and professional aquarium maintenance. Reef-Care Sells live corals grown in captivity. Aquacultured corals are generally hardier than wild caught corals. Reef-Care rents or leases complete saltwater mini reef aquariums for a monthly fee. Our aquacultured corals for sale include Montipora Digitata, Montipora Capricornous, Acropora's Humilis, Acropora Stag, Acropora Millepora, Acropora Tenius, Acropora Valida, Seriatpora, Pocillapora, Colorful zoanthids, Leathers, Mushroom, Ricordia and many other Live corals. Live corals are some of the most relaxing animals to watch. Do you need help growing your own corals in your own reef tank? we provide maintenance plans and training for those with the need. if there is a special coral you are looking for you can request it we grow  approximately 100 different types of live coral. we have a focus on selling quality live coral over quantity. so we may not have all the coral listed on the for sale pages. we do many special requests for rare corals which are slow growing or difficult to find. is a small but growing business which supports the reefing community worldwide by supporting on-line forums that helps spread valuable knowledge about live corals, live fish  and how to maintain a healthy reef environment. www. proudly accepts Pay-Pal