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Nothing to research or purchase.

Minimum lease time is 6 months

Reef-Care offer's aquarium Leasing to special customers, who's needs match what we try to offer. an example of such is this 33g specialty tank with a very shallow design and a lot of light for a small surface area. this aquarium is designated 

we make custom aquariums that become available for lease.

Currently there are no aquariums available for lease sorry.


Rent an Aquarium today!  we can custom design an aquarium to fit your needs. We Rent Saltwater Mini Reef Aquariums to small businesses in the Raleigh Durham Area. Aquarium Rental thru Reef-Care.com 


unique black sand
lots of zoo's and green star polyps




www.reef-care.com rents and leases aquariums in Raleigh NC and Cary North Carolina, an aquarium rental includes full service all fish corals pumps and all equipment these are some of the most beautiful  aquarium around there is nothing more peaceful than a nice aquarium imagine the calmness found in front of a beautiful aquarium. no headache no problems because we take care of everything. We only rent aquariums to businesses that are open more than 40 hrs a week.  sorry no home owners