these prices are for ideal situations your actual pricing may vary please see note at bottom

Consultation                                          $125.00

Hourly rate                                            $95.00

First time Home Aquarium cleaning        $250.00     

Aquarium Moving (see note 2)               $600.00 and UP!

Mini-Reef Setup (under 60gal)               $300.00 and UP!

Reef Setup (75-175Gal)                        $600.00 and UP!

Full service Plans for Business                $450.00 and UP! per month with Contract



Please note these Ideal situations are Reef-tanks up to 195gallons and located with in 10 miles of our locations.

we may added Mileage charges for out of area service

First time home cleaning assumes it can be completed in 3.5  hours. 

Business must be open 5 days a week.