SPS CORAL INFORMATION by Reef-Care of Raleigh North Carolina

SPS or small Polyps Stony corals are a unique type of corals that are colonies a many polyps. These polyps make there own skeletal structure. to grow. Some of these corals grow like a bush some like a hand and few grow like cups. some corals even grow like fingers. There are several types of coral that are sps corals. Montipora digitata is an sps coral that is easily aquacultured and come in a wide variety of colors. Montipora capricornous grows like a cup or scroll type of coral. they can grow fast and these corals can become quite large. Reef-Care grows several different color morphs of these aquacultured corals and also carries and sells the different shapes or types of montipora corals

     Acropora is the largest genious name in sps corals, there are more types of sps acropora than could easily be labeled these corals also grow in different shapes and these corals come in different colors, such as blue acropora millepora and green acropora hyacinth. these two different aquacultured acropora corals like similar when they are small frags for sale but in a few months they grow into very different corals the millepora coral grow like a bush and the acropora hyacinth . grows like a table. There are also the seriatapora corals which reef-care aquacultures. The seriatapora is often referred to as the  birdsnest coral for the way it is shaped. Seriatapora hysix come in a few colors gold, pink, and hot pink, the difference between the 2 pinks is that one of the seriatapora corals has yellow tips and the other has purple polyps.

     Poccilapora is another unique type of coral that looks similar to montipora when it is a small frag but has a unique polyp shape and lighting requirement.

all aquacultured corals have become used to living under the lights of the aquarium. most aquacultured corals do very well after being sold. esp. if the purchaser has similar lights. a popular lighting system used on sps corals is metal halides because they offer a intensity that is not seen in other lighting systems available for captive coral reef tanks

Aqua culterd coral frags are the best because you can consider them jewels of the sea