We now provide training by appointment

Do you own a reef tank in your home and need help servicing it?

We provide hands on training on how to care for your reef tank!

We show you the tricks of the trade in maintaining a beautiful saltwater Aquarium

What to purchase and where.

Cleaning glass, Cleaning sand bed, Cleaning live rock,

Cleaning pumps, Cleaning protein skimmer, Top off water,

Teach you about temperature in the aquarium,

How to maintain salinity, Calcium and Alkalinity and its importance

How or when to trim back corals

Proper feeding and diets for fish and invertebrates

How to make "frags" or to propagate corals   

Tips on water changes

we also teach about  livestock compatibility of fish, invertebrates or with corals

How it works is you contact us for an appointment and we come to you!


$125 for a 2 hour private in home training session for caring for your home reef aquarium

"best to learn from the best than to learn by making mistakes"


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