Why Use Aquacultured Corals 

        In these uncertain times. the oceans are being depleted of corals at an alarming rate. Aquacultured corals reduce the need for going to the ocean's resources for live corals. many new hobbyist do not take the time to learn how to care for these corals and they become wasted if they die. Aquacultured corals are corals that are raised in the aquarium setting, this proves that the coral will survive and thrive in the aquarium setting, and if a new hobbyist doesn't care for the coral and it doesn't survive it will not  deplete a rare natural resource.

      There are several worries and corners about buying corals today.  Do the corals have enough light, what kind of lighting to use. do the corals get enough water flow, how much water is is enough? allot of corals have very different needs high flow or low flow. most corals like high lighting such as the light that comes from metal halide lights.

     Some newer concerns are parasites that get past the quarantine... quarantine is where importers hold corals for a uncertain amount of time...this is supposed to prevent diseased coral or corals with parasites from being sold to the public. but somehow these parasites keep getting into peoples aquariums. you cannot go onto any online forum without reading about hundreds of horror stories of parasites or something killing corals

     We know there are many parasites out there but in an aquacultured setting corals can be raised and sold without passing on parasites. some of the most popular parasites you see today. the list of parasites is long but the most popular parasites of coral today are redbugs, nudibranches and flat worms. these parasites feed on corals are very hard to detect. Of course one would notice when the corals loose color or start to bleach or have receded. some of these parasites have easy cures such as medications that target them

     Reef-Care knows about these problems with parasites with corals and has focused on quality vs. profits or quantity. we take great pride in the corals and have taken many steps early on to be sure we don't take chances on getting parasites on to our systems.

   Why such the concerns about parasites? because just a few years ago we experienced several different parasites that were given to us and caused a lot of expensive losses. And these parasites were passed on by fellow reefers that were unaware that they had them and did not have any concern for the damage or loss that was incurred.

    Purchasing Aquacultured from reliable  sources such as reef-care.com well bring happiness and confidence in your reef tank

     we know and understand the time and money that goes into a reef tank filled with corals. the time and patience that goes into maintaining an aquarium. when you purchase corals from reef-care.com you get rare quality corals that are raised and grown in the aquarium setting

     Corals that are raised in the aquarium setting and are fraged to be sold is a great way to get quality corals that are free from disease and that have become used to growing in the aquarium setting

    If there were any questions about parasites on corals or treatments and preventions besides not getting corals that have them...

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